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Towering eucalyptus trees line Highway 101 as it meanders through coastal Leucadia, giving the town a distinct look all of its own…

Leucadia is sleepy coastal enclave of Encinitas proper, filled with laid back style, funky shops, dramatic coastline and bohemian roots.  In recent years, new development has changed the appearance of the urban ‘center’ of coastal Leucadia along Highway 101.  Still, more old than new remains, ensuring that ‘funky’ still defines the area. Antiques and tiki shops, consignment and trendy fashion boutiques all live side by side with holistic retreats and surf shops. Restaurants offer everything from Turkish to tacos…

Tucked just out of view of the Coast Highway, Leucadia’s beaches sit at the foot of ruggedly beautiful, yet fragile sandstone bluffs.  The bluffs are lined with everything from beach bungalow to magnificent mansion, and much in between. Non-existent during higher tides, the beaches draw the fierce devotion and protection of local surfers, and are rarely discovered by vacationers.

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