Del Mar Shores Beach

“Del Mar Shores Terrace is a little known section of  beach located just north of Del Mar’s Dog Beach.  During low tide, you can walk south around the point and watch these  four legged wonders chasing balls & sniffing  the wrong ends of their friends. It’s just uncivilized…” Sandbag C. Gull

Keep an eye out for the two parking lot signs at the corner of Sierra & Del Mar Shores Terrace. Park, walk down DMST & the access alley to the beach stairs is next to the DMST Condominiums.  At very low tides, tide pools are revealed, along with a surprisingly wide expanse of sand.

NOTE: The stair rails are rusted out in places & the concrete stairs disintegrating. To make matters worse, the staircase is very steep, so watch your step!

Del Mar Shores Beach Access Slideshow


  • Lifeguard services → if any ← varies by season, day, hours, even weather!
  • No facilities available
  • Sidewalk path leads to steep cement stairs with deteriorating handrails
  • Access walk-way is at the end of the cul-de-sac, on the north side of the street
  • Parking located along Sierra Avenue and at two small parking lots flanking Del Mar Shores Terrace – parking is free!


Take Interstate 5 to Via De la Valle.  Head west across Highway 101, and follow the road to the right as it turns and becomes Sierra Avenue.  Turn Left on Del Mar Shores Terrace. Limited street parking.