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True or False: One man used one fire hose to erode away a section of bluff to create Fletcher Cove.

True! Hydraulic water pressure was used to erode away tons of earth and sand to create Fletcher Cove’s access & beach.  It took one man three months using only a fire hose!  You could do these things back in the 1920′s…

When you cruise in to Solana Beach on the 101, you’ll likely notice quite a flurry of  activity – running, cycling, surfers with a surfboard under one arm or balanced on top of their head…   Solana Beach-ians just can’t seem to sit still!  Whether it’s simple personal fitness or triathlon events, in Solana Beach you’ll rarely jog alone.  Nestled between Del Mar & Encinitas, Solana Beach offers a long stretch of beach defined by the rugged beauty of towering bluffs.  With smaller crowds than many surrounding areas, it is a choice vacation destination for those “in the know.”

Del Mar Shores

Seascape Surf

Fletcher Cove

Tide Beach

  • Lifeguard services → if any ← can vary by season, day or hours!
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach, See San Diego Dog Beach & Park Information
  • Overnight camping / sleeping is not permitted, except at campgrounds
  • Smoking has been banned on all California State Beaches & Parks
  • Alcohol is not permitted on most beaches (Yes, this includes beer & wine…)
  • Be safe!  Always check rules & hazards of each beach