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Is Pacific Beach a diamond in the rough?  What is the secret behind the semi-precious stone streets?

During San Diego’s big boom of the 1880′s, developments were going up around town faster than the surf in December.  With the frenzy of surveys and construction, well, not everything made it to the record office in a timely fashion.  PB originally had streets names corresponding to numbers, as well as states.  Since Downtown and Mission Hills were the first to document names in those traditions, when duplicates were found Pacific Beach had to go back to the drawing board.  In 1900, streets were renamed with names of semi-precious stones, running north to south.  Some streets were added later, wreaking havoc with the alphabetical progression but retaining stone tradition.

PB is where the young & young at heart go to sun, party & mingle. With three miles of paved Ocean Walk and a wide sandy beach, there’s plenty of action year round.  Tourmaline Surfing Park is strictly for surfers & similar water sports.  Longboarders, beginning surfers, kite and wind-surfers enjoy Pacific Beach’s slow waves and the occasional sideshore winds.

Pacific Beach | South of Pier

Pacific Beach | Crystal Pier & North

Palisades Park Beach

Loring Street Access

Tourmaline Surf Park

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