Leucadia Beaches

So, why do they call it “Funky Leucadia?”

Funky Leucadia, as it’s lovingly referred to by the locals, is an eclectic mix of old and new.  Holistic & hedonistic. It’s a story of opposites attracting in an artsy little corner of Encinitas proper. One-of-a-kind boutiques mingle with funky restaurants and cafes and the ever present surf shops, while holistic spas dot Highway 101.

Guarded by towering bluffs, Leucadia’s beaches  are only accessible by way of two stairways and one trail that scrambles down a crumbling sandstone hill.  At high tide the beach completely disappears.  Walking is impossible as the water reclaims every bit of sand…  All of that aside, the beaches are sunny and welcoming, once you’ve arrived at your destination!  As you travel along Highway 101, towering eucalyptus  trees shade the street and the Amtrack & Coaster trains rumble along just yards away. Home to multi-million dollar beachfront estates, run-down bungalows, and everything in between, Leucadia is a testament to the free-spirited & varied lifestyles of North County.

Stone Steps

Beacon’s Beach


  • Lifeguard services → if any ← can vary by season, day or hours!
  • Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach. See San Diego Dog Beach & Park Information
  • Overnight camping / sleeping is not permitted, except at campgrounds
  • Smoking has been banned on all California State Beaches & Parks
  • Alcohol is not permitted on most beaches (Yes, this includes beer & wine…)
  • All beach information & details are  subject to change without notice
  • Be safe!  Always check rules & hazards of each beach